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Will Metaverse Be Successful With Networking at Events

March 24, 2022

“It’s a glorious thing to watch the future come to life in real-time,” says Harry Prince, SEO wizard and event technology enthusiast at Spacehuntr.

The Metaverse is an idea that has been around for decades, but it is now looking as if it is becoming a reality for conferences and other events.

Hybrid Events Will Be a Permanent Fixture

If it was not for covid, there would not have been a massive increase in virtual and hybrid events that we have seen now. These events were always bound to grow, the harsh reality of the pandemic had pushed them far too early.

Before we had covid, only 45 per cent of people attended a virtual event. Whereas now, 87 per cent have. The virtual and hybrid events will remain, with over 90 per cent of event planners going ahead with hybrid events this year.

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How Will Metaverse Improve Your Networking in Your Event

Metaverse will make events more meaningful for remote attendees. It will stop the attendees who uses Zoom or any other video communications platform that they use on a regular day to day basis, will cause them fatigue if they need to watch a conference through a Zoom call. Whereas, Metaverse changes that where you will have the same experience virtually as you would if you physically attended the event.

Another way Metaverse can improve networking is increasing engagement through intentness by making the virtual experience fantastical. It is very alluring that it will lure you to interact with it.

There are no limitations with Metaverse, you can run your event as wild as your creativity takes you. You can even build your space and world as you please. Very Exciting!

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Here at Cavendish Venues we are proud of how we adapted to hybrid meetings and conferences, since Metaverse is very likely going to be the new popular thing, we are always happy to adjust and make these changes. If you want to be a part of our future make an enquiry now!


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