Venue Accessibility

We welcome everyone to our venues, regardless of special requirements. We understand that everyone is different, and we provide inclusive and accessible environments.
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We can to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for all.

If you are tasked with choosing a Meeting, Conference or Event Venue, you may be aware that 18% of the UK population of working age has a disability, but would wish to attend events without added obstacles. Our staff are dedicated to making your event flawless for everyone, and appreciate that most people with disabilities are not visually disabled. We work hard to ensure all our guests have a consistent experience.

In order to help, plan and judge whether our facilities are appropriate for all your delegates, we have followed a guest’s journey through our venues, from the street, entrance, lift, stairs, and to the meeting rooms. Our venue specific accessibility guide, helps you and your delegates anticipate any further measures necessary. This enables your delegates to concentrate on the event you are hosting, knowing that we have worked together to make everything go smoothly.

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