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Why choose Hybrid Event Package with Cavendish Venues?

July 2, 2020

The answer is very simple – we are offering the best next generation hybrid conference experience. The term “hybrid event” or in our case “hybrid conference” means an event or conference held in a physical location along with online event elements. If you are holding your conference at the conference venue and stream it on youtube or other online platform, this combination would be called a hybrid conference? For many venues the answer would be YES, but not by our standards! We believe the hybrid event should mean that both aspects of the event – the physical and the virtual and especially the virtual should offer your guests as comparable an experience as possible in terms of interaction and engagement. Conferences have been web streaming their content for many years, the speakers have been presenting via zoom, skype etc way before Covid-19, why did we start calling these physical + online services “hybrid” post lockdown?

We believe that hybrid conference should only be called “hybrid” if online version matches the physical version, offering your guests quality networking facilities and other services that resemble the actual conference with all it’s benefits ie not only watching the content online with questions submitted via email or twitter.

What we provide is a fully interactive conference experience! It certainly isn’t as good as attending the conference in person, but definitely the next best thing! We’ve already hosted a number of these events and every single client was amazed by how interactive and how sophisticated our hybrid conference platform is!

Not long ago we ran an internal virtual conference for demo purposes and we’d like to walk you through our virtual event, just so you could get a better understand of our offering:


We were taken to the branded online registration page, followed by a welcome message. Our welcome message was just a quick written text, but you could upload a video etc.

Then we were taken to the virtual conference venue. In the virtual venue, just like in a physical conference venue, there were cabaret tables with 4 to 8 seats each, sponsors around the edges of the room, lifts to other floors where breakout rooms and 1-2-1 meeting rooms are located, corporate video on the left of the stage and agenda on the right, so fairly similar to what you’d have in an actual conference venue.

Virtual Conference

While others were still registering, we were networking and that’s where the interactive part starts – we could move between tables and video chat to all people on that table. We could also exchange our e-business cards and LinkedIn details. We could visit sponsor stands and have a nosey at their promotional material. We could have a video meetings with exhibitors in 1-2-1 meeting rooms on other floors and go back to the main hall and study the day’s agenda.

Hybrid conference demo


We were given 30 seconds warning before the start of presentations so we could wrap up any conversations and once the time came to start we were all taken to the “presentation mode”. Just as any regular conference, we watched the chairman’s welcome speech, short intro on how to navigate within the virtual conference venue and other important bits to know. We then moved onto the main speaker and his presentation slides and videos. The speaker asked us to participate in the poll, this was easily done by clicking on the link in a chat section, next to the main presentation screen. We were directed to and once finished with polling, we were back in the presentation room.

During panel discussion, we had a moderator and 4 panellists, all visible simultaneously via live video to all participants. If any delegates had questions, we could raise a virtual hand and once the time came for Q&A, we were invited to the stage one by one to ask question, so the rest of the audience would be able to see and hear us alongside the panel. Once the question was answered, the person would leave the stage and the next person would be invited. If we wanted to ask a question without going up onstage, we could submit questions via live chat, which is monitored by the facilitator.

Panel Discussion


Once the first presentation was finished we were directed back to the main area, where we could do some more networking at the virtual tables and chat to speakers


After the break, we were all back to the virtual conference room, where the chairman welcomed us back and introduced the subjects and room allocation for breakout sessions and group discussions. We then made our way to different floors. The structure was similar – presentations, followed by Q&A and we were back to networking area for group discussions, followed by another networking break


We were back to the virtual conference room for the final talk and thank you. We then headed back to the networking space for another hour of virtual drinks reception after which our virtual conference was finished.

The feedback after the event was superb, we all agreed that this was the best virtual experience any of us has ever had. Obviously, no one will replace face to face interaction, but this would be closest second. We would highly recommend this platform for hybrid events, especially if you are not sure whether your physical conference would generate the desired numbers or whether your overseas guests would be able to travel to the conference venue. In addition, you could easily expand your event with this platform and reach wider audiences across the globe while allowing online guests to experience the valuable networking aspect. And all guests who are in the physical venue can always pop over to the virtual venue, all they need is a mobile device and wifi.

If you are not convinced yet, here is the latest feedback from our good client who recently held their first virtual event with us:

“Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all your efforts on our behalf for Members Day 2020.  You managed, not only to stage the event online for us but with your effort, creativity and the introduction of the networking tables, added a personal and interactive dimension that elevated the event and delivered an unforgettable  experience for our audience”

We must be doing something right!

If you are interested in running your hybrid conference at one of our conference venues, please do get in touch and we’d be delightful to help!

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