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Visions of Healing Exhibition

September 8, 2022

Cavendish Venues and Brushes with Greatness Gallery’s exhibition Visions of Healing, collaboratively curated by gallery director Jack Trodd and featured painter Olivia Mansfield, brings together 11 women artists.

Visions of healing, art, cavendish venues, Hallam Conference Centre

Ava Haggas, Genevieve Leavold, Lara Cobden, Lorna Sinclair, Michele Fletcher, Mary West, Ofelia Botella, Olivia Mansfield, Suahylah H, Simona Orentaite and Yiwei Xu. A diversely talented group of female painters, each of whom visually manifest the healing potential of immersion in the rich wilderness. Drift through drawn and painted depictions of the soothing, tranquil, transcendent wonders of our natural world, of Gaia, of Mother Nature.

Visions of healing, art, cavendish venues, Hallam Conference Centre


Stylistically unified through impressionist and expressionist ideals, with symbolism dappled throughout the exhibition as the sun shines through a forest canopy, each artist intuitively weaves a naturalistic connection, and responds to rhythms of the natural world through process. With recurring themes of memory, creation, transcendence, and harmony with nature rife in the undergrowth of Visions of Healing.

Visions of healing, art, cavendish venues, Hallam Conference Centre

We see light and shadow, vivid colour, abundant life, severe geology, fauna’s geometry, subterranean movement, and impalpable iridescence weave a tapestry of nature’s visual divinity. With stick, pastel, pencil, charcoal paint realising mountains, jungles, waters, thickets, everything bucolic and life that lies beyond the eye.

Visions of healing, art, cavendish venues, Hallam Conference Centre

Throughout these portals, these visions, drink in and imbibe the comfort our artists find in their naturally bonded gestural qualities and use of colour. Experience increased emotive sensation via a slower form of looking. Appreciate the beauty in the overlooked. Immerse, connect, journey, and reflect. Touch their healing, meditative states in observed and remembered, imagined, and re-imagined, ever-changing projections of Mother Nature’s masterpiece. Travel this palliative potential, these Visions of Healing.

The exhibition brightens up our corridors and Regent Suite in our Grade II listed Hallam Conference Centre. Book your conference with us and have your registration, catering, exhibition, and drinks reception at this space. Email us at!

isions of healing, art, cavendish venues, Hallam Conference Centre

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