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Time is Quickly Ticking in Conference Centres

January 31, 2023

Whilst the Doomsday Clock is ticking ominously,  and the world is facing numerous challenges, we at Cavendish Venues will continue to work hard to turn back time by reducing the environmental impact of our sustainable conference centres. Indeed, sustainability has always been central to the ethos of our venues.

As of 24th January 2023, the Doomsday Clock is now only 90 seconds away from midnight.  This is according to the board of eminent scientists from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which includes experts in both nuclear technology and climate science.

Invented in 1947, the Doomsday Clock, which symbolises how close humanity is to destroying itself , is now the nearest it has ever been to the symbolic midnight hour of global catastrophe.

Amidst a raft of green credentials for our sustainable event venues, every year we audit our carbon footprint to calculate how much carbon we need to offset,  and we are happy to report that we now directly offset 100 percent, aided in part by our flourishing tree planting programme.   Together with our commitment to zero landfill policy and numerous other green initiatives,  we strive to ensure that our sustainable conference centres and the events held at our venues are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Despite the alarming wake up call of the Doomsday Clock, there is some good news.   This month the ozone layer was reported to be healing faster than expected, due to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

By choosing to host events in sustainable conference centres, companies and organisations can show their commitment to reducing their own carbon footprint, preserving the environment and helping create a more sustainable future.

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