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The Urban Fox

March 19, 2013

Everyone here in the office is intrigued with my daily fox update, so thought I would share with you all.

I have fox,  ( hope only one) who has manged to get into the foundations of our house. We are having building work done and somehow it has eaten through a membrane and now living beneath our front room.

All building work has stopped as the next project is to pull down the temporary wall, which would mean it will be in the house, What a thought, unbearable….

After calling the council they recommended Steve, the fox man. Charming bloke , would not want his  job, apart from the nature of it he has to be on the road collecting them to Humanely Dispatch from 6.00 in the morning.

We have left food in the trap for the past three nights, our fox is very intelligent, it takes the food and water but avoids the trap. We can hear is scouring around underneath , just hope there is only one and it is not female as it is the breading season.

Steve, arrived at 7.00 this morning with a new plan, Tesco’s Finest Fish, which he has hung from the cage so hopeful the trap will work tonight. The cameras show there is a lot of activity below the  house which is a worry and keeping us awake, plus the  smell etc, will not go into details, too much information.

So another sleepless night ahead.  If we do not catch it tonight my sleep deprivation will effect my work and  I will be giving cheap cheap rates …… so keep the enquires coming ….

Will update you tomorrow, hoping it will be captured  thsi evening.

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