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Sustainable Event Strategy Guide

November 24, 2022

The COP27 will request countries, companies, and industry sectors to have clear roadmaps for halving carbon emissions by 2030. This is how event planners can contribute to net zero in London conference venues:

  1. Assess where your organisation is now

Every strategy should begin with an assessment of where your organisation is now and the goals that already exist within your company or department.

To measure your organisation’s maturity when it comes to sustainability, here are a few things to consider:

  1. What is your company trying to achieve?
  2. If your organisation has a sustainability order in place, does your meetings programme play a part in specific aims and targets?
  3. Does your team have sustainability KPIs and how are they being tracked?
  4. What data are you collecting that supports those KPIs?
  5. What data do you need to have to show progress?

Once you know where meetings and events sit within your organisation’s sustainability journey, you can start to recognise areas where climate-positive decisions will have the most impact.

  1. Develop an actionable sustainability policy

Developing a comprehensible sustainability policy will depend on how far your organisation is in its sustainability journey and your overall objectives.

The sustainability policy should help you to not use single-use plastics and encourage public transport use or ride shares.

  1. Work with stakeholders to deliver on your sustainability goals

The importance of sustainability means that it does not only relies on one individual or team. Communicating and educating your stakeholders about the importance of sustainability is central to effecting change.

Using a centralised platform to handle your events enables you to share guidance with other stakeholders, set approval, or smarter decision-making policies, and track both carbon offset purchases and spending with sustainable venues and suppliers.

  1. Involve attendees to drive change

Another crucial aspect of creating a sustainability strategy is to use event attendee behaviour to drive action.

As event organisers, you have the power to impact how attendees interact with your event – whether it is introducing vegan courses the banqueting plans, offering virtual elements through web and mobile apps to reduce multi-day or long-haul travel.

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