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February 29, 2008

We are trying to get the world to recognise that we are about to open the best conference centre in London. For the first time since we opened our first conference centre in 1985 we have hit the road. Up and down the country we are travelling visiting all who will have us boring no entrancing them with the full low down on our New Hallam Street Conference Centre.  For us it’s thrown up a couple of key questions.

¼br/> What Bribe -            maybe bribe isn’t the right word inducement / sweetener might be better. Whatever you call it the dilemma is the same, do we take a little something to give the client or agent. We always do, I don’t know why, its one of those industry norms that we do because everyone else does. (put that way it sounds awful) We would look mean if we didn’t and so the whole trip would be counterproductive. Now we’ve got over that what to take. We have tried everything from advent calendars as large as a small child, to the ubiquitous magnum of champagne, our current favourite is a box set of Jo Malone Bath stuff. We thought that would wow the pants of them, it should do it costs a clean arm and leg, does it? Does it hell. So we’re back roughly to where we started tell us what would be the best the most memorable gift we could bring, ANY SUGGESTIONS will result in a visit and of course the thing itself (within reason)

¼br/> How to Get There -            I am writing this as I sit on the underground having just visited a top agent. Well to call it the underground is a misnomer it is the Metropolitan Line (that’s the purple one for the country life readers amongst us) but I am at least 45mins away from what I would call London somewhere near Watford. There is something about our company and car travel that just doesn’t seem to work. One of the first visits was made by my colleagues Gill and Rachel, by all accounts Gill developed a powerful allergic reaction to roundabouts, first she refused then violent sickness. Now its Dermot who has temporarily taken on the mantle of the Road Warrior. The problem, he will only travel by the train, huge logistical problems, and virtually impossible to see more than one person a day. At this rate to conquer the South East is going to take a lifetime. Maybe its because he has finally bought in to our industry leading Green Policy (se I thought so but to speed things up we joined the car club people. Both relatively green minded when compared to rail and in many cases more practical. Would he have would he hell? It looks like we are just going to have to grin and bear it, a bit like British Rail have to do with the painting of the Forth Bridge.

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