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Merry Christmas from Cavendish Venues…

December 18, 2020

Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Where did all this year disappear to? Feels like just recently we’ve hosted our last conference when it suddenly hits you – it was 9 months ago…

This time last year we were all exhausted from the busiest season we’ve ever had. The whole operations team was sleep deprived, with slightly greyish bags under eyes and shaky hands from all the coffee to keep us going, but even then there was this satisfying feeling – we’ve managed to get through the busiest conference season all in one piece, with happy clients and together as a team. Now it was the time for festivities – secret Santa gifts exchange, festive lunches with clients and drinks with colleagues and friends.

This time last year we were also getting ready for our office Christmas party. Just a casual social gathering at the Flight Club with a few drinks, nice food, good company and a slightly competitive darts game, what a great evening it was!

In memory of these good times and to spread some joy we’ve combined a list of fun and slightly random facts about Christmas, enjoy!

  1. Santa has a post code, it’s HOH OHO. This was created by Canadian Post workers who started writing back to kids, so that parents would stop blaming the post office for lost letters to Santa.
  2. The world’s tallest Christmas Tree was decorated in 1950 in Washington’s shopping mall and it measured over 67meters tall
  3. The world’s biggest snowman was built by the residents in the state of Maine in US in 1999 and it measured at almost 35 meters tall
  4. The largest Christmas cracker was pulled in Australia in 1991 and it was almost 46 meters long and just over 3 meters wide
  5. The first ever song broadcasted from space was Jingle Bells, sang by astronauts Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra during Gemini 6 mission in 1965
  6. The best selling Christmas single in UK is Band Aid’s 1984 song “Do they know it’s Christmas” selling a whopping 3.5 million copies
  7. The highest earning Christmas movies are “The Grinch” grossing over £500,000,000 and “Home alone” grossing just over £475,000,000
  8. Christmas pudding was originally a soup made with raisins and wine.
  9. Astronomers believe it may have been a comet or the planet Uranus that guided the wisemen to Jesus rather than the Star Of Bethlehem
  10. Apparently 30% of office workers do something embarrassing at the office Christmas party, whether it’s telling the boss what they really think, or overshare personal details and as a result 2% on average end up resigning. Awkward…?

Hope you enjoyed reading these fun facts and from everyone at Cavendish Venues we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hopefully 2021 will bring us more joy, happy moments and many more conferences and events! On behalf of our conference rooms and event spaces we hope next year will be better for everyone…

Merry Christmas from Cavendish Conference Venues | Christmas Greetings from London Conference Venues

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