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Magic Porridge Pot

November 12, 2012

We all have memories of porridge some may not be so fond. Though it is easy to prepare, many remember it with dread as grey, unappetizing and stodgy. The stuff of bad dreams and nightmares and the best reason to skip breakfast altogether. Times seem to have changed it is now hailed as a super food, healthy stuff for your heart however this popularity is probably helped by the myriad of toppings which can be put on it to make it even healthier or more likely the spoonful or two of something sweet to make the medicine go down. It does, though, seem to be everywhere you look people clutching little steaming takeout pots. We are delighted to announce its arrival at Cavendish Conference Venues. For larger events we include it complimentary as part of our DDR as an alternative to our freshly baked Danish and Croissants. We haven’t forgotten the toppings though, dried fruits, nuts, honey or brown sugar to set your delegates up for the day and stave any rumbles from the back of the plenary rooms during the events until morning coffee or even till lunch.
As for me I always remember the story of the magic porridge pot, luckily at Cavendish Conference Venues we know when to tell it to stop not before everyone has had their fill. If you’ve never heard of it click on the link below. I’m sure even Goldilocks would approve though we are watching the salt levels as she is getting on and suffers from hypertension or it could be that the bears are no longer friendly and have gone wild.

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