Light Work

June 16, 2010

Last night I dreamt or should I say nightmare(d) that when doing my daily early morning check of the Hallam Conference Centre that when I entered a room flicked on the light switch every single bayonet candle light bulb exploded…I woke with a start, as you imagine.

If you are familiar with these bulbs you will know that while they may look attractive in light fittings, they are extremely temperamental and prone to blowing at a very early age and for their penchant of tripping fuses. In a building like the Hallam that is over 6 floors this can frequently disrupting the always hoped for, gentle transition, from early morning autopilot to the “bing!” –  I’m wide awake and full of beans (espresso beans) ready to face the day.

These tripping fuse boxes are littered throughout the building over the many floors and at times there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to where they are located in relation to what area they govern – part of the many joys of period properties. Having said that though, when I started at the Hallam I promised myself that I would use the stairs as often as possible so that I get as much exercise as I can. From time to time on a Friday following a very busy week I do feel like falling off this self imposed wagon. I resist the temptation though… behold the mantra my body is a temple.

Having extensively and lovingly refurbished the Hallam we now have more different types of bulbs than I have fingers, however, I am pleased to report that most are of the low energy and more environmentally friendly variety. The number of bad bulbs is dwindling. With the development of newer replacements that are more environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, we are undergoing a programme of replacement of these old bulbs. The benefits of which are less heat, longer life, lower energy and an altogether more temperate nature.

So even when at the start of the day there are not many hands it can now be light(er) work. Perhaps, I will be more awake from the restful sleep and I can have one less espresso now that the bad bulbs are gone.

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