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It’s curtains for old blinds

July 10, 2010

How we debated, to and fro, over and over, back and forth. The last time we had a saga like this it was the decision over the material for the chairs at our America Square Conference Centre. Our Rachel won the debate with a rather radical “raspberry” that, as it turns out, both we and more importantly the clients love.


The Council Chamber, the heart  of our latest venue the Hallam Conference Centre has double height ceilings and floor to ceiling windows which allow the room to fill with light. It’s funny though, that when you run events one of the major “must have’s” is natural light, despite the fact that the plenary room at a conference needs to be cloaked in relative darkness for the audiovisual presentations.


When we took over the building, after the previous occupants the General Medical Council, these windows had rather unappealing yet functional roller blinds. In relation to the original fireplaces, beautiful wood panelling, Art Deco pendant lights and period cornicing they did little to add to the appeal. There the identity crisis then neither  being  a stately home nor wanting the appearance to be an anonymous space. Like the butter commercial it’s good to be in the middle. It was touch and go, but  finally we took the descision  making the change from blinds to curtains. Even when  we finally landed on a decision there were still  more choices to be made, the end result would be, as they say ”a bit of a Toyah Wilcox……. a mystery!”.


Then there were the delays. We have little luck with choosing fabric, our choices always seem to come with very large delays. The “Volcano” for our chairs at the Hallam…well, that’s another story.  Finally the day came, curtains – the death knoll for the blinds.


We are delighted with our selection and the company Cidmar Curtains and Blinds who unlike our former chair supplier went the extra mile and despite the delay ensured that we made good on promises to clients. They frame the windows beautifully, provide the necessary blackout when the big old sun makes an appearance and are in keeping with look and feel of the Council Chamber. The are a welcome addition to the ambience for the dinners and drinks receptions that are to be held there and for functionality they provide blackout that is far superior to the previous occupants. 





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