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If not a World Wide Wormery why not a London wide wormery

February 22, 2008

As I walked to the underground station from work last night I passed two small groups of men rummaging through the bin bags outside Eat the sandwich shop and the Langham Hotel. They were salvaging good food that an hour before we were all prepared to pay for, the bags were being broken food and packaging was seeping all over the payment, Portland Place to my mind one of the grandest streets in London was being turned into a tip. It’s a problem that we all know exists, have known for years.

There is a simple solution. Within a 1 mile radius of us at the Cavendish Conference Centre there are over 100 venues offering conference facilities, there must be at least 1000 restaurants etc. Set up a nightly collection of organic (kitchen / food) waste and compost the stuff. Use that very compost to grow the stuff we eat.

I cannot understand how everyone from venues to governments can triumph grandiose and often dubious carbon offsetting schemes involving planting trees in far off places when there are really simple things we can all do right here. Things which not only help promote sustainability but also keep the place looking decent, provide jobs etc etc.

We are opening a new conference centre in Hallam Street London W1 where we are trying to promote as many of these small things as possible. Carpets made from recycled materials, energy recovery heating systems, minimal use of oil based paints etc.  This is an evolution from policies long put in place at our Mayfair Cavendish & ICO Centres i.e. the strict measurement and reduction in waste streams; we aim to be landfill neutral by end 2008. A longstanding and enforceable community policy and on it goes.

We would to partner anyone someone anyone seting up such a scheme even if it means paying a little more to get rid of the stuff.

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