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Keep Employees Connected Through Hybrid Meeting Rooms

February 3, 2022

We all know how hard it is already to keep employees connected and engaged in face-to-face meetings. Now you also need to think about how to make your meetings interactive in hybrid meeting rooms on top of that, I know quite stressful! Cavendish Venues are here to make your experience less stressful.

Hybrid Meeting Activities

You should consider having activities for hybrid meeting rooms to prevent your employees who are working from home to not feel excluded. The activities you can do are polling, brainstorming and asking questions. If you would like to go beyond that, welcome your work from home employees first with questions and ensuring that they can hear you. Other than just focusing on your employees who actually attended your meeting in the office or in a meeting room. Daniel Monthan did a great job of sharing inclusive activities for all of the meeting attendees.

Employees’ Feedback

We have read an article from Forbes about a company hearing from employees to find out their needs. In addition, people has been adapting to the ways of working from home, thanks to covid. It will now be hard for them to adjust to working in the office again. A great way of sorting this out is being flexible with your employees. You can be flexible by giving them options on either working from home or in the office.

Issues to Avoid in Hybrid Meeting Rooms

The issues you may have if you use a flip chart or any other type of visual aids, your employees who are virtually in the meeting will not be able to see it properly. A way to avoid this from happening is integrating slides with the remote technology you are using.  Another issue to avoid in hybrid meeting rooms is allowing employees to speak amongst themselves, as it will make the remote employees feel excluded. You can prevent this from happening by informing your employees to not discuss anything until the remote employees join the meeting.


Create Rituals

Creating rituals is the best option to keep your employees satisfied. A ritual can be something as simple as Lunch Friday, where you can treat your employees to lunch once a month or twice a year. If you have a small business and worried about your finances, that is easily solvable.  You can do Appreciation Friday for your employees to tell you what they appreciated in the week. Rituals in the workplace is your own personal checklist or guide. As long as you have a ritual you know you are giving back to your employees and knowing that you are valuing and appreciating them.


Hybrid Meeting Rooms Technology

Hybrid meeting rooms technology has now become one of the new latest thing that businesses are requesting from conference centres. Even though London restrictions has been easing down, employees who were working from home still feel uncertain about going into the office full time. At Cavendish Venues we have sorted out these issues that our clients has have with their remote by implementing hybrid meeting technology. We have a variation amount of hybrid meeting platforms which are Glisser, Remo, Bluejeans, Teams and Hopin. We also offer audio visual package which contains projector, microphones and speakers use to run your conference or event. If you are interested, please enquire on our Contact Us page.

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