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December 11, 2006

There once was a bloke from London and my was he ambitious!! He went on the career path and experienced life as a trader and my, was that tough!! He then went another direction and set up a Conference Centre – what a differing career to take – and my, was that tough too!! But what a great success he made of that and so much so that the Mayfair Conference Centre also opened another Conference Centre in 2001 and my, what a success that was too!! Again that became such a great success he found another!!! The ICO Conference became member number three to our family of central London Conference Centre’s all with differing and exciting unique facilities to offer!!

How many Conference Centre’s in London have simultaneous translation booths in a room capable of holding over 250 delegates?? How many venues in Central London have senior staff dedicated to looking after your events indeed, how many venues have staff with over 25 years of experience in this industry?? Not many is the answer!

The ICO had a conference the other day and HRH decided to drop in and what a wild night we had!! We were all very excited as one should be with Royalty and what an honour for an Irishman to be surrounded by such dignatories!! We used our Interpretation booths to translate in to Irish!!!

The Mayfair Conference Centre has been the source of strange happenings lately what with a chorus of delegates staying until all hours of the night at week ends and “coaches” keeping vocal chords in tune!! A funny way to get to know yourself better shouting your name off at the top of your head!

Now the Cavendish Conference Centre has to be a London venue that oozes class and sophistication and great fun!! We had a game of indoor soccer on the other night and indeed there were a few David Beckham’s in sight allbeit with 30/40 years on him but of course a good night was had by all!! It only lasted 5 minutes a side but that’s beside the point!

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