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Face to Face Meetings VS Virtual Meetings

February 1, 2021

Every professional has at some point attended a Zoom or Teams meeting over the past year and it seems some people prefer it that way, after all it saves a trip into the office and with current levels of technology you can achieve everything you want with a click of a button, whether it’s sharing a presentation, data graph or video. So… is there a point to conduct face to face meetings? The answer is YES and the reasons are:

  • No distractions – how many times have you heard kids screaming and dogs barking in the background while on zoom calls? I could bet it’s been more than once… Face to face meeting, especially in a dedicated meeting room or a meeting space will allow you and other attendees to concentrate on task in hand, without any interruptions
  • Creativity – a change in physical environment can make a huge difference when brainstorming new ideas. Countless on-screen meetings from the same corner of your home can starve the brain of stimulation.
  • Networking – when working on an important project or participating in negotiations with a group of people, it is almost necessary to meet face to face to be able to fully understand each other. Words are only a fracture of what other people are trying to tell you, the clues are also in body language, facial expressions and hand gestures, not all of these can be picked up when meeting virtually.
  • Productivity – when you are meeting in a dedicated meeting space, you are guaranteed to avoid issues like poor network connection or speaking while on mute. Once the technical issues are eliminated you will achieve the same goals in shorter time and without having to repeat yourself or ask others to do so.

In conclusion, even though we are grateful for current day technology which has allowed the world to continue to communicate, attend virtual events and achieve work goals while the pandemic continues to paralyse certain industries, it is only temporary and face to face meetings will make a comeback. There are just too many benefits! Perhaps we’ll see more hybrid meetings, perhaps video conference units will become the next piece of tech in every office and meeting room as standard, but we are almost certain those meeting rooms will be used again.

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