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Conference Venues London – Sustainability

February 15, 2022

Conference Venues London

No meeting and conference venues London can ever be truly environmentally neutral, particularly one with venues based right in the centre of the city (West end Hallam & Cavendish Venues and America Square in the City of London) however we are committed to getting as close as possible. To this end we are:

Auditing our Carbon Footprint:

Every year we audit our carbon footprint. Taking account of factors like our annual energy consumption (we use green electricity for the vast bulk of our power requirements; however, we do use some gas for cooking etc). Our travel to and from the venues, an estimate (based on the booking organisations address on delegate travel to the venues). Armed with this information we calculate how much carbon we need to offset. Unlike any of our competitors we offset 100% of all our carbon, Plus we do it directly, if you would like you can go and see the trees we have planted, see HERE. Next week we will once again calculate how many trees we have planted / how many have survived the winter / approximately how large. Armed with this we calculate how much carbon has been sequestered and how many more we need to plant!

Gradual Reduction in Inputs:

For 20+ years we have been working to reduce out inputs: first customer of recycled pencils etc. We are continuing to do this. As such we are trialing plant-based menu’s and then offering a subsidy to clients to try to get some traction behind their take up. The response has been fantastic, today we are hosting an event titled ‘Plant Based Trends & Innovations’ in our America Square Venue, with a full vegan menu, see HERE! It would be fantastic if customers and potential customers could give us some feedback re how and when they would use these menus. The environmental and health benefits of a plant-based diet are huge, see HERE. According to one climate change calculator eating 75g of beef (a typical fast food hamburger) daily for a year contributes the equivalent to a car driving across the United States 2.5 times! If you eat the equivalent amount of for the same amount of time it is the equivalent of driving 93 miles!

At Cavendish Conference and Meeting Venues we are absolutely committed to sustainability, we believe we are amongst the most sustainable venues anywhere, surely the most sustainable venue in London. If you have any suggestions as to how we can move forward please get in touch, HERE.

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