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Will Conference Sector Bounce Back this Year?

April 20, 2021

Are conference venues seeing light at the end of the tunnel?

Pubs are open outside (soon will be inside), public transport is getting busy again and roads are manic. Planes are back in the sky albeit with much fewer travellers. Bicycles are impossible to buy unless you can wait months for delivery and maniacs are driving mopeds delivering food. But most importantly vaccines are rolling out nicely throughout the nation, so all in all things are looking good, don’t you all agree?

For all of us at Cavendish Venues we wonder when will conferences come back?? Generally, conferences take 6 to 12 months to organise so with diaries still showing a lot of gaps will the industry come back this year? Or are we looking at 2022 for a full return?

When can we have fun again? We have been in lockdown for so long but even as things ease up will we ever see life in the same way as before or will we always be on guard?

We’re Good to Go…

Cavendish Venues is a small private company, we run events for our clients and we are open minded, caring and we look on the bright side of life. We want events back, we want to open our conference centres and we want to see our clients having fun again with us in our venues.

We firmly believe that all our Conference Centres are ready, open and secure so we really do want our events back in venues and soon too. Please don’t wait to book your space with us, the sooner you book the better rate you will get. We are value for money, ready willing and waiting.

Please, please come back and have faith in the system!


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