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Cavendish Venues – Best Sandwiches in London

August 30, 2022

Here at Cavendish Venues one of the most sustainable conference venues in london we have spent the last few months eating sandwiches! Lots of them from lots of places. We are determined to offer our clients the best sandwiches available anywhere in London! We believe we now have some of the best available anywhere. We are even considering ending the  Sammies Awards 2023, not sure which category ‘Environment & Sustainability Award’ or the ‘New Sandwich Award’ ! We are not going to stop there, we are going to create the best sandwiches in London. Our bread is fresh hand made in South London, the close proximity allows for maximum possible freshness. Current offerings include:

  • Brie and Mayonnaise on a white cass bread
  • Roast Beef and mustard on a brown cass bread
  • Smoked salmon & soft cheese on a dark ficelle bread
  • Falafel and hummus on a new York plain bread
  • Beef and mustard on a charcoal bun
  • Cheddar cheese and pickle on a multi-grain bread
  • Roast chicken 7- roast children mayo-campaillou bread

sustainable conference venues, london

New innovations we are trialling include:

  • 5 seasonal vegetables with Avocado / Tomato and Kewpie Mayo on white cass
  • Egg/watercress and Dijon with Kewpie mayo on New York plain bread
  • Pastrami, Ham and salami, with Swiss cheese. Jalapenos, buffalo sauce, lettuce, and tomato on multi-grain bread
  • Tuna mayo, mixed with tomato, lettuce and Avocado on a charcoal bun

Please let us know your favourite sandwich or sandwich shop, we have tried many there are many more out there, we would really appreciate it.

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