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Bobby the Staff

April 17, 2012

The View From Here – as seen by Bobby,   Staffordshire Bull Terrier and General Dogsbody,  CCV South West Regional Office


Back From My Hols!


Yes, just back home after a few months away from operational duties  and what  larks I’ve had !   SW Rep had been threatening to send me away to Doggy Borstal, but thankfully relented and instead I’ve been living in a home away from home with my very own pack,  learning the social skills I’m told I need with regard to co-existing with other dogs.       To celebrate my new pacifist lifestyle, SW rep and Steve took me on an exciting walk along the South West Coastal path.    Sporting my new Hannibal Lecter style muzzle, fellow walkers scattered when they saw us coming (a most pleasing result, SW rep said).   We stopped at a wayside pub for a pint, lovely sunny day, sitting outside in nice garden, all was harmony.       Steve spotted  what he called a “midget greyhound”.    Midget greyhound’s companions overheard and protested.   Well, who has ever heard of an Italian greyhound anyway.   It was poncing around in a diamante collar, surrounded by admiring children, who took no notice of me at all   So I levered myself up onto a chair when no-one was looking (quite a feat, since I’ve put on so much weight that I ‘m told I now resemble a large white slug) and  crossed my back legs in the manner that SW Rep says looks so charming and which never fails to draw admiring glances, and still….  nothing .


Nearing home,  SW Rep commented that I’d behaved pretty impeccably and that sending me away to a holiday home had obviously been a Very Good Thing.   Within moments, I spotted a herd of sheep, and the ensuing fun and games I had  rounding them up made my day complete.

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