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About Cavendish Team’s Predictions and Hair Appointments…

April 17, 2020

If you’re wondering is this about Coronavirus again? Unfortunately the answer is yes, but we are not going to write about how badly events industry is affected and how these are the times of uncertainty… well they are, but we cover plenty of that in our other news articles, so we’ll give you a short break!

After another virtual team meeting this morning, we were all guessing what’s next, how much longer are we going to stay in the lockdown? Obviously, none of us are experts and we just simply don’t know. It could be days, could be weeks, who knows! The one question did pop up – when will we be able to get our hair professionally styled? Seems like this was a sole winner against all other questions – pubs, restaurants, BBQs with fiends, cinemas, theatres, concerts, sporting events and all other fun activities were simply placed somewhere in the background as all our colleagues were more concerned about the landscape on our heads! And frankly, I don’t blame them! After a home styling session with my household members, I am too pretty eager to book an appointment with my hairdresser, as the only other alternative is wearing a hat, which sadly is not a great look on me…

So, instead of a guessing game we decided to host a cash sweepstake between our colleagues. Since these are difficult times of uncertainty, we kept the bids pretty low, chipping in £5 each, with total prize being large enough to cover a haircut! Here are our predictions on when restrictions will be lifted and we’ll finally be able to get our hair sorted:

Dermot – 18th May

Tom – 22nd May

Valeria – 28th May

Jenny – 30th May

Elena – 1st June

Derry – 1st June

Rachel – 2nd June

Lyuda – 7th June

Mariam – 8th June

Lina – 8th June

Francie – 15th June

Let the games begin!

If you are doing something fun with your colleagues to brighten up your meetings, please share with us, we’d love to hear your ideas!

BTW, if you are doing a sweepstake on when you will be able to host your events again, we have some lovely conference venues, meeting rooms, workshop spaces and training rooms that would be perfect for your next non-virtual event! Just give us a buzz, we’d be delighted to help!

With Love,

Valeria and the rest of Cavendish Conference Venues team

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