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What’s in the Future?

May 22, 2020

Its all very well and great to break the ice with WFH blogs and we all keep ourselves amused with stories of how we keep ourselves occupied while in the dilemma we currently find ourselves in but, be under no illusions, there are big decisions and big challenges for our industry in the coming months and indeed years ahead.

Our Industry brings in over £70 billion to the UK economy and this figure represents over 50% of visitors spend whilst in the country, we employ over 700,000 people and in turn we generate over £165 Billion in trade as a direct result of business events, this is truly an amazing contribution to our economy.

We don’t ask a lot in publicity, we are an industry that just gets on with it in stark contrast to other industries. Take for instance the UK Horticulture Industry (oh and by the way I am a very keen gardener)  contributes just over £24 billion, employs some 600,000 people and have been screaming blue murder recently which has been heard by government but you don’t have to be a genius to look at the Maths and see the contributory  differences.  We need Help but we are not screaming for it, maybe we should given what we offer to this economy!

Social distancing for our industry will be very, very hard, we need ‘Bums on Seats’,  in that we are very similar to Michael O’Leary we need to fill the seats to pay for our premises, to keep staff employed, to give back to local economies, to encourage trade, to continue contributing over £70 billion direct to the British Economy.

A healthy Population is vital to our economy, the professional health industry is paramount to world economies successes’ and must be partnered to find a solution to keep people healthy on this wonderful planet. To get back to where our economy was in 2019 we need a healthy workforce but with Covid-19, as there will be with all new viruses as I am sure this will not be the last one,  there are huge challenges ahead and we all need to change but to get to levels of economic strength, such as was the case in 2019, will take years but with endurance, partnerships, stamina, belief  in itself will drive us all to a much better Meeting and Events Industry, of that I am sure.

With Love,


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