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10 Ways to run a Greener Conference

May 26, 2010

Book a venue as near to your attendees as possible. In practical terms distance outweighs all other factors.

  1. Use technology, encourage people to slouch at their desks rather than attend your event. Use webcasting etc. Combine with an absolute minimisation of all paper, i.e. delegate packs, signage etc.
  2. Endeavour to know what your impact is, survey your delegates, how did they get to the event, where did they come from. Don’t forget 1984 is long past; this is the age of the virtual big brother.
  3. Bully your suppliers ensure they follow your green and pleasant way, if not the chop.
  4. Think creative, axe the rubber chicken. Get your venue to show on the venue detailed source notes for all  all ingredients, challenge them to source all nationally. Go in it’s a World Cup year they can do it.
  5. Think waste, all waste. Well maybe a drop toilet is a step! Too far, but what is wrong with quantifing all waste streams, ensuring all is recycled, zero to landfill.
  6. Educate, what’s the point of doing something if you can’t show off about it. Let you delegates know what you are doing, educate the customer bully the supplier.
  7. Learn, lots and lots of people only go so far then they give up. This applies to all walks of life, not just the green path. Ask all around you, to paraphrase our greet leader Mr. Cameron, it’s not what society can do for you, it’s what you can do for society. So speaks an old etonian. (or as my spell-check puts it Estonian)
  8. Try; if you don’t start you won’t get any greener.
  9. Look at the Cavendish Conference Venues website for a smorgersboard of further green insights.
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