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10 Ways to run a better conference

May 27, 2010
  1. Stay calm. In the chaotic world of this events organiser it is in the roaring furnace of disaster that the greatest events are forged.  We have only ever had one double booking, but that one event is etched forever on my mind. The battlefield, one room, two events one event titled ‘successfull complaint handling’ the second a road show for an international computer games company. The winner Cavendish Conference Venues, both clients rebooked for the following year.
  2. Plan down to the last detail. As in life if things start of well they nearly always finnish well. Starting an event without panic should see you through to the end.
  3. Dont be afraid to shout. This industry is massively underpaid, unrecognised and undervalued. If there is something you really want there are very few motivated people who are going to stand in your way. Think George Bush if you want something smirk and take it.
  4. Be just a little intelligent. How many events have we seen that are a virtual carbon copy of the last, bit like a Status Quo concert. Break the mould do a cancan, do something.
  5. If you cant do something different do something better. Make the word a better place, follow the greenish (sounds like slime or mould) path to a better place, see the award winning Cavendish Conference Venues website for some thoughts on this.
  6. Work hard, running a conference is really hard work, you have to listen to people, occasionally you have to act on what they say. You have to understand that for most clients they are being forced to walk a tightrope between scary bosses and unruly underlings, if the event goes well they will get no praise if badly their neck is well and truly on the line.
  7. Get up early, the early bird gets the worm, or at least the reheated croissant. There is nothing but nothing worse than arriving after you attendees.
  8.  Bring a good book. While you beloved delegates may find the subject matter reverting there is nothing to say you have to. Maybe choose a venue like Cavendish Conference Venues who offer all organisers a free laptop and internet access (soon to be a free ipad) it helps pass the time.
  9. Butter up the venue. They really the difference between the day being a joy or a misery. A glass of wine with you lunch, of course anything you want so and so on. As my .. says it’s the small things that count.
  10. Use a decent venue; you guessed it Cavendish Conference Venues are the ones

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