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View from the South West Office

November 29, 2011

The View From Here – as seen by Bobby,   Staffordshire Bull Terrier and General Dogsbody,  CCV South West Regional Office

 A Delicate Matter

 I hesitate to address this subject, but it has been troubling me for some time. 

 CCV SW Office Representative, with whom I share a home,  has the most unfortunate habit of picking up my poo in a plastic bag.  Well, really, what can I say?   The look I give her …….  Sometimes I feel quite embarrassed being seen out with her.  

Is this  kind of person suitable for office life,  I ask myself?   There is no knowing what she might do next.     Heaven knows what other dark habits she may be hiding ….. and to think, sometimes she leaves me behind in the SW office to travel  for operational duties at the hub of Cavendish Conference Venues in London.   (Incidentally, I protest about  these visits long and hard).     I think the wisdom of allowing her to set foot in the illustrious venues is something that the Big Boss and his fellow directors should think seriously about.    Is it prudent to allow someone like this to  interface with conference organisers and delegates?

Mind you,  they do say that the tone of an organisation is set at the top, and perhaps SW Rep is trying to emulate the Big Boss.     I heard her  regaling one of her (few) friends with an account of the time when Big Boss was walking his children to school along Holland Park Avenue, accompanied by his charming dog, Santa, when Santa did a poo on the pavement.  Finding himself without a plastic bag,  Tom whipped off his sock and scooped up the poo in it.  He would have walked away from it, he said, but for the fact that he was being observed by the mother of one of his children’s classmates.  The SW Rep says that Tom clearly displayed here exactly the kind of lateral problem-solving thinking that demonstrates why he is the Boss of a thriving Conference Centre Empire, and she is merely a humble regional employee.

PS.  I’m glad to report that Tom did not put his sock back on again.

PPS.  Sometimes I think that I should look for a more desirable home.   Any offers?

PPPS.   I’m told that I look rather fetching in my new red waterproof/windproof jacket, and will soon be posting a photo of myself wearing said jacket (well, just as soon as SW Rep works out the technology to do so).    Watch this space!    Big Boss has instructed SW Rep to get the CCV Logo printed on it.

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