London's leading Green Venue

Cavendish Venues are leading the way when it comes to sustainable venues in London.

  • Commercially available web-casting. Events can be streamed to any mobile device, fully interactive and branded.
  • The only venues to offer a free from landfill guarantee. We have recycling routes for all our inputs.
  • All food waste composted.
  • Detailed sourcing information available for all menu items.
  • All carbon produced by an event fully offset plus all carbon released by an attendee travelling to the event fully offset.
  • Year on year declines in vehicle movements to all venues as measured by annual travel surveys.
  • Commitment in our purchasing policy to localising our supplier base
  • Commitment to annual reductions in all measurable inputs, again detailed figures on the website.
  • All electricity used Green (exempt from the carbon levy).
  • All company vehicles electric.
  • Non disposable items used anywhere.