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How to be a Pro in Event Budgeting

January 3, 2023

Here at Cavendish Venues, we know how important the event budgeting process is in a conference centre. Since there are now three event formats – in-person, virtual and hybrid, budgeting has become more difficult.

Not only do you have three formats to consider with budgeting, but you also need to take into consideration the rising costs and inflation, which makes it even more vital to build and track your event budget from the start. Proper event budgeting helps you save on event costs and sets the foundation for overall success.

How to Decide Your Event Budget

  1. Know your event goals

The cause of the event will affect the budget. If you are hosting a charity, you might need sponsorships to cover a great deal of the event budget. Ensure that your budget is realistic and aligns with your overall goals.

  1. Choose your event format

The format of your event will directly influence your budget.

Virtual, hybrid and in-person events are original in their costs. When you choose a specific event format, remember that the costs for these events are different and you should modify your budget and move your strategies accordingly.

  1. Communicate with stakeholders

Approval for your budget will be decided by your company or the company hosting the event. As a result, finalising your event budget is likely to be a shared process.

As the event planner, your role is to offer your knowledge to help form the final budget. Since you understand the cost of events, you need to make sure you your voice is heard.

  1. Put all Expenses in the same location

You do not need to build a budget from scratch, there are templates and tools you can utilise to make budgeting easier. From spreadsheets to tools that enable you to track expenses using a mobile app to spreadsheets, there are choices depending on your budget. – Quickbooks Accounting and Wave.


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