Going vegetarian – with benefits

Another way to take the heat out of inflation, is to take the meat out of your diet. Choose a conference venue vegetarian-only delegate rate and we will not charge any increase – but this isn’t just about saving the pennies. Here at Cavendish, we are keen to promote sustainability and are increasingly mindful of taking a low-carbon approach to all aspects of our business. And going vegetarian, has distinct environmental benefits.

The Vegetarian Society state that a veggie diet uses 2.5 times less carbon than a meat diet – or to put it another way, by eating vegetarian food for a year you could save the same  amount of C02 emissions as a family taking a small car off the road for 6 months.With 85% of the world’s fisheries classified as seriously over-fished and more agricultural land being used to raise cattle than all other crops combined, going vegetarian will help restore our planet.

For more information on Cavendish Venues’ drive to reduce our carbon footprint, read about our green initiatives, sustainable venues and core values on environmental sustainability here.Cavendish Venues are the leading conference venues in London. In 2022 just over 83% of our business came from returning clients. If you are looking for central london conference venues with excellent customer service, value for money pricing and superb facilities in both the west end and the city please get in touch: 0207 706 7700 enquiries@cavendishvenues.com.

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