Top 5 London Conference Trends in 2024

Here at Cavendish Venues, we are preparing our conference venues for next year.

  1. In-person events are on top again

2024 saw a rise in in-person events, and 2025 looks set to build upon that increase. As 71% of event decision-makers report that, regardless of their best efforts it is challenging for virtual events to ever recreate the experience of the in-person conference completely. Not to mention that 95% of exhibitors say they prefer in-person to virtual events as they are more rewarding.According to Meeting & Group Business magazine, the in-person events industry is set for its “strongest year ever” in 2024, and the 2023 AMEX Global Event Trends Forecast reported “booming optimism and focus on in-person meetings and events”.

  1. Experience-first events are becoming the standard

After a few years of lockdowns and virtual events, now more than ever there is a huge appeal from attendees for real and memorable experiences. Event planners in 2024 will need to concentrate on creating the best possible experiences for their attendees, in return will provide exhibitors with solid ROI and lead-generation opportunities.

  1. Environmentally conscious events

This year we have seen climate crisis and sustainability issues rapidly became everyone’s priority. There has been a noticeable change to events as people are now thinking of being more sustainable in their events. 2024 will be the year where being environmentally conscious is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but mandatory and a responsibility for every one of us to do our part to protect our planet.

  1. Event Technology

To build profits beyond general admissions, packages and VIP experiences are increasingly important options. Long in-person queues and confusing online checkout pages can even make the most loyal attendee give up. Advanced ticket sales save time, staffing and money.  You should use an event registration tool where you will be able to create branded registration webpages with custom domains to keep the user’s experience consistent across the whole event.

  1. Content-rich

The importance of growing any event is making it accessible to non-attendees to have a view of everything that they have missed. Consider the ways to encourage your attendees to take pictures of intimate moments or interesting events.We hope to see the following trends in all of our venues in London, if you would like to book with us email and one of our staff will respond to you, we look forward to hearing from you.

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