Reducing Food Waste in the Meeting & Event sector

There are a lot of organisations based in London and the surrounding areas aimed at preventing food wastage. Green Oak Solutions estimates that an astonishing 15 million tonnes of food waste is generated every year, including 7.2 million tonnes from households. Here at Cavendish Venues we continue to build our position as London’s leading sustainable conference and meeting venues. We are looking at how we can reduce food waste within our company by donating to local homeless shelters and food cycle organisations.Food Cycle gives people in local communities’ access to nutritious food that they would otherwise be unable to obtain for reasons such as lack of income or knowledge of healthy nutrition.  Surplus packaged or tinned foods from supermarkets combined with free kitchen space and volunteers keep the organisation growing.Crisis is a charity that aims to help homeless people across the UK. It provides housing, education, employment and food to those who need it. Due to health and safety regulations Crisis is unable to accept food donations that are not packaged, tinned or contained with a sell by date.Bio Collectors is a waste food service that collects food from your select location and takes it to a special processing plant where it is treated and used for horticultural purposes, a highly valuable addition to fertilisers. With the health and safety regulations restraining our ability to donate certain excess food, recycling our waste would be an environmentally beneficial option that will help to improve our Green Conference policies.

Bio Collectors