Paperless badges - a sustainable and efficient future to events?

Paperless Badges

In most meeting, conferences and events, it's standard practice for organisers to print out many paper badges for their delegates to wear during the conference. Makes perfect sense – it’s a networking protocol! We’ve been in the industry for many years now and as a chain of sustainable conference venues we would like to shine some light on the question – are paper badges the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to badge your guests?

I think most organisers will agree with me that it takes a very long time to print everything off and set it all up! As well as, it is always problematic if someone forgets or doesn’t pick up their badge and could even be embarrassing when delegates take a very long time and cannot find their name on a badge. This method consumes space, binds staff, can often look messy and offers very little in the way of validating security. But there is an easier way for this.

Paperless badges are flexible and interactive e-ink badges that have many positives. At the registration, these paperless badges can be found within seconds, they also can be used as digitalised business cards. This is a wearable device that stores the details of a person's conduct and allows this information to be exchanged with others by tapping two of these devices together. These details will then be transferred to your email address and will be easily accessible. This method can be especially useful during the networking events as it makes it so much easier to connect and exchange delegates contact information in a split second, making it effortless to reach out to one another. On these paperless badges, you would be able to access multiple things, such as a map of the venue, agenda, messages to the badge and alerts from your mobile app. This method is extremely sustainable since this eliminates the use of paper, toner, plastic badges, transportation and other resources. Although it can be a bit pricy, it benefits for the long term, as you don’t need to print badges for every event and best of all, it helps the environment. Paperless badges are returned at the end of the event and can be reused for many more upcoming events. Additionally (and this is a real time saver!) paperless badges automatically turn feedback into calculated statistics that show the outcome of your event.

Borrowed from Blendology

Since we are green event venues, we would welcome the opportunity to recommend a supplier for the trial run and as an incentive, we will plant a tree for every event using paperless badging system! Whether your event takes place in our large conference rooms or smaller meeting rooms, we will plant a tree for every event using paperless badges.In early 2019 in conjunction with the Country Landowners Association we planted an initial 300 trees, then through the latter part of the year we trialed an initiative whereby we planted a tree for any suggestion we received to improve our offering. Building on the success of this initiative we have made this permanent, furthermore we have introduced a scheme whereby we plant a tree for any qualifying enquiry received. Trees are being planted at a site in Dorset.