A Guide to Organising an AGM

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a requirement for most organisations but all too often they are seen as a chore for members rather than a must-attend event. By choosing the right AGM venue for your members and planning an engaging event around the formalities, it can be a genuine success.When organising an AGM, you need to find a venue that can meet a whole range of needs. There are practical considerations of course but an AGM provides a frequently overlooked opportunity to give something extra to your members / shareholders. We look at how to organise an AGM that people will want to attend. The purpose of an AGMIt is important to bear in mind the purpose of an AGM so that you can cover off the practicalities first and foremost. The purpose of an AGM is to share the following:

  • A summary of your organisation’s activities during the last year
  • Annual Reports including your Annual Accounts and a Financial Report
  • Consider nominations and carry out elections
  • Any motions for consideration
  • Any changes to the organisation’s constitution (if needed) for approval
  • Any other resolutions

An AGM is not just about ticking off the legal requirements, it’s a chance to showcase all the good work you have done and genuinely engage your members & shareholders. Making an AGM fun is not an easy task but by thinking outside of the box and picking the right venue this can become a reality.Tips on Running A Successful AGMWhen it comes to running a successful AGM, it is important to make it as easy as everyone to attend and then execute a well-planned and interesting event. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

  • Plan early –It is essential you do not miss your deadline.
  • Give your members plenty of notice
  • Publicise your AGM widely Provide your members with information about their voting rights and your nomination and voting procedures, so they are fully prepared
  • Plan a detailed agenda for the day and share it
  • Make sure you always follow your organisation’s constitution
  • Organise someone to take minutes of the AGM and get them to write them up as soon as possible after the event
  • Give members / shareholders plenty of opportunities to ask questions and speak with representatives

Tips on Choosing an AGM VenueWhen it comes to holding an AGM, the venue plays a crucial role. Here are some tips for choosing an AGM venue:

  • Ensure the venue has capacity and is fit for purpose – arrange a viewing to make sure it matches all your needs
  • Ensure the venue is easily accessible by a range of transport options – carry out research into what location and date/time is most convenient for your members
  • Make sure your members know how to get there – most venues should provide detailed directions that can be shared
  • Ensure the venue is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and has all the technology your presenters require
  • Make full use of available technology to ensure that the presentations are engaging and fun where possible
  • Find a great guest speaker – ensure the venue has a dedicated green room for speakers to make them feel at home
  • Ensure that refreshments can be provided in-house or that there is a range of eating options nearby
  • Breakout spaces can be great for encouraging your members to relax and socialise, making the AGM less formal
  • Ensure that the AGM Venue is fully accessible for disabled members
  • Ensure that the venue is conducive to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Why choose Cavendish Venues for your AGM

  • A long history of hosting AGM for a variety of AGM; s from ftse 100 companies like William Hill Plc and the Daily Mail Trust to local organisations like the Mansfield Street Residents Association
  • Venues located in the hear of the city conveniently placed for many analysts, to those within 50m of major media organisations, ideally for garnering maximum media attention in booth the build up to your event and for the event itself (i.e. the Cavendish and the Hallam are both within 50m of the BBC HQ ion Portland Place.
  • Uniquely in London we can offer exclusive access to our venues, ideal for high profile of possibly controversial meetings
  • Market leading technology i.e. webcasting, 100mbg with satellite back up lines offering phenomenal redundancy
  • Range of rooms seating from 2 – 270 attendees

For more details contact cavendish venues 0207 706 7700