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The Colour of Starlight

April 6, 2020

If you have been to visit our Hallam Conference Centre in the past month, you may have noticed the installation of our new art exhibits in the Regent Suite: The Colour of Starlight, bringing together the work of Kira Phoenix K’inan and Hannah Pratt. As it’s not possible for you to visit our London conference centres just now, we’d like to tell you a little bit about them so you too can enjoy them 

Featuring a wide range of mediums, from watercolour to embroidery and glass, the exhibit sits somewhere between art and sciencewith both artists using different mediums to explore the phenomenon of Spectral Stars.  

Kira Phoenix K’inan: Explosion of Stardust, 4, watercolour on paper

Kira Phoenix K’inan: Explosion of Stardust, 4, watercolour on paper

Originating from London, Kira expresses her art through glass sculptures, as well as works on paper, installations and multi-exposure photography. Having been shortlisted for the Ashurst Emerging Artists Prize in 2019, Kira has had two residencies in both Stockholm and Edinburgh as well as having exhibited globally, including the Emerge Bullseye in 2018.  

According to her website, Kira’s work often includes “twisting lines and forms that intertwine” in order to create pieces that “are in a constant visual flux.” She has developed a technique known as the Relief Drawing Technique, which involves transferring the 2D lines from her drawings into 3D low-relief glass drawings. 

Having completed an MA in Art and Science at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London, Hannah strives to find new ways to link the two subjects through collaborations with artists and scientists; a particular interest of hers lies in “astronomy and how humans view the universe.”  

Hannah Pratt: Light Speed, embroidery on printed canvas

Hannah Pratt: Light Speed, embroidery on printed canvas

Hannah’s interest in the cosmos delves into the cataloguing and classification of stars as well as the history of science. She has a fascination of discovery, the theme commonly occurring in her work, especially regarding those responsible for major discoveries, i.e. the women responsible for the success of the Apollo missions. Her work is influenced by her own research and observations of the night sky.  

There are seven main types of stars and these are classified by their Spectral letterO, B, A, F, G, K and M, in order of decreasing brightnessM stars are rather common although dim, whereas O and B stars are very bright, but not so common. These stars vary vastly in both colour temperature and are created from a range of metals and oxides. In the Colour of Starlight pieces, Kira has used glass that contains the same oxides as Spectral Stars wherever possible, linking art and science not only through their representation, but materialistically too. Similarly, Hannah has used image recognition code to analyse the colour of the stars in her photography.  

The creative pieces featured in this exhibition are truly intergalactic delights; they are original right down from the materials used to the subject matter within. Their unusual context is thought provoking, the subtle use of colour really makes for pieces that captivate you as a viewer.  

Hannah Pratt: Stella Atmosphere Graphic Score, sublimation print on recycled canvas

Hannah Pratt: Stella Atmosphere Graphic Score, sublimation print on recycled canvas

Our London conference spaces are a little lonely at the moment, but we cannot wait to have you back as soon as possible! For those of you who’ll be visiting the Hallam Conference Centre, please do take some time to admire this unique and exclusive exhibition.  

In the meantime, you can view more of the works and find out more about Kira and Hannah by following these links: 

Hannah Pratt: 

Kira Phoenix K’inan: 

Keep safe everyone, we’ll see you very soon in one of our London conference centres!  

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