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For 5 years now we have been planting trees in Dorset, as part of an ongoing quest to ensure that our sustainable venues’ environmental footprint is as light as possible. Trees fix carbon, carbon is released by our activities and is the biggest single…

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For 25 years we have been constantly striving to reduce the environmental impacts of our central London conference venues. Part of that is offering fresh seasonal food. In March, in Britain!!  March is a desert, nothing in season. But then ‘Rhubarb Cake’, it’s delicious….

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Here at Cavendish Venues one of the most sustainable conference venues in london we have spent the last few months eating sandwiches! Lots of them from lots of places. We are determined to offer our clients the best sandwiches available anywhere in London! We…

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“Summer time and the living is easy” and we have all heard those words before but with London going through these extreme temperatures why not think about your meeting and event and book with Cavendish Venues where we use renewable energy to air condition…

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Top Rooftops from our Conference Venues With restrictions coming to ease across the UK, our Conference Venues understand the importance of rekindling with your teammates. We take great care in looking after our customers. Therefore have partnered up with some of the top latest,…

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For two years now we have been purchasing English wine. The environmental benefits are huge in terms of the significant transport miles incurred in importing continental wines let alone wine from as far away as New Zealand. Plus, we are buying directly from vineyards,…

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