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Cavendish Venues – 600 trees planted, hoping to plant 1000 this year + how are they doing ?

May 15, 2021

Two years ago in partnership with the Country Landowners Association, we launched an initiative whereby we planted an initial 300 trees, see here. We have extended this many times. So far we have planted over 600 trees. THANK YOU for all the confirmations. We would like to plant more, our aim is to plant 1000 this autumn , the planting season.

In the meantime we thought an update on the trees already planted. By and large they have thrived, a thorough audit in ion early July 2021 reveals that 540 survived the winter. The survivors have on average grown hugely, the largest grew by over 6ft! on average the have grown by the following:

Oak (Quercus Robur)9cm
Field Maple50cm
White Poplar149cm

See below for a few pictures

Planted in Autumn 2021

conference venues with good sustainability year 1meeting venue with good sustainablity year 1

After 9 months

london training venue great transport connectionscity of london venue market leading sustainability credentialslondon meeting space with great sustainabiltiy features year 2city of london conference venue with great sustainabilty credentialslondon training venue with market leading sustainablity year 2london conference venue with gret sustainability year 2london conference venue great sustainability and transport connections

The new planting season is nearly here, thanks to your generosity in making enquires for events in our London conference and meeting rooms we are about to order a further 400 trees. This year we are considering some of the following options:

Pinus Nigra –                      average growth 30-70cm pa fast

cavendish venues sustainability

Pinus Pinaster –                average growth 60cm pa – fast

sustainable meeting room london pinus pinaster

Pinus Pinea –                      average growth 20-30 cam – medium

sustainable conference room venue london pinus pinea

Common Aspen –             average growth 160cm pa – very fast

sustainable training room venue london common aspen

Why are we Planting Trees?

Planting trees across the world is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis, according to scientists.

As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global heating. New research estimates that a worldwide planting programme could remove two-thirds of all the emissions from human activities that remain in the atmosphere today, a figure the scientists describe as “mind-blowing”.

“This new quantitative evaluation shows [forest] restoration isn’t just one of our climate change solutions, it is overwhelmingly the top one,” said Prof Tom Crowther at the Swiss university ETH Zürich, who led the research. “

Crowther emphasised that it remains vital to reverse the current trends of rising greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning and forest destruction, and bring them down to zero.

There are many other significant benefits from mass tree planting:

  • Encouraging Wildlife: We have only planted native species, a mixture of Oak, Larch Blackthorn, Field maple, Crab Apple, Hawthorn, Hazel and Wild Cherry. With 1 in 10 UK species experiencing serious decline since 1970 the need has never been greater.
  • Cleaning the Air: Air quality has declined catastrophically in the UK, trees play an invaluable role in trapping airborne particulates.

For a more detailed list of the 22 benefits of trees see this fantastic article from the tree people.

Our Wider Sustainability strategy:

  • Zero to landfill policy
  • We use only green energy (carbon levy exempt)
  • Purchasing policy explicitly favours local producers so, for example, all the wine we now purchase is UK produced.

If you are looking for Central London conference venues or meeting spaces. Venues who truly take sustainability seriously look no further than Cavendish Venues. We believe that when it comes to sustainability, we are the leading London and City of London meeting room and conference space, providers. For fuller details see here


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