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Is this seat taken?

November 23, 2008

For the past month or so I have been helping out over at America Square so have left the mothership aka the Cavendish. It does mean getting up about 40 minutes earlier in the morning to make sure that I am there for 07.00am. Luckily there is coffee available en route from Tower Hill at 06.45am so that at least I am alert if not awake when organisers arrive in.

There are it has to be said strange folk around at that hour apart from myself…that’s another blog though.

Despite taking longer, it is a straight journey by tube via the district line, this leaves me to concentrate solely on my free Metro in the morning and the prospect of caffeine. The other morning while engrossed in my Metro a man got on and sat in the section opposite that has four seats in a row. He sat in the second along, put his coat on the seat to his right, his briefcase on one of the seats to his left and his newspaper on the on the end seat on his left – One man takes up four seats!!!!!

I have noticed that recently more and more seats are taken up by baggage and there seems to be a reluctance by the owner to move it even when other seats are taken. I wasn’t aware that there were separate charges for having baggage stowed on board on the tube.
Are the bags tired from having a tough day shopping?
Exhausted from having been dragged about late into the night the evening before?
Suffering the wear and tear of life?

In relation to the man on the train in the morning the seats were free and in the time I was on board there wasn’t any need for him to have to move anything but it is a little excessive don’t you think?

And my point is?
We have a cloakroom for baggage and coats and scarves and so forth. Being Green we can recycle newspapers when they have been finished with. So that when you arrive at your conference you will get the seat you paid for and all without having to suffer daggers from someone inconsiderate enough to feel an inanimate object deserves to rest it’s contents rather than you to have a seat.

Is this seat taken? If it doesn’t have a bag on it, then it must be yours!

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