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How to land that career in Event Planning

October 8, 2018

One of the keys to landing a job is an impressive C.V filled with relevant experiences. This is especially important if you hope to get into the field of event planning. As event planning can often be broad and encompass a lot of different tasks, there are a variety of activities that can help you prepare for your career in event planning. Here are some ideas for gaining event planning experience before you receive your diploma and how to prepare for a career in event planning.

 Be a Leader

As event planning requires lots of organisational and communication skills, getting into a leadership position at school, at university etc can give you a host of relevant experiences. Most likely your position as an officer would require organising meetings, planning events, and making executive decisions, all of which will help you when you become an event planner. Also, positions like this look great on a Curriculum Vitae, making you look even better to a future employer.


There is no better time to do some volunteer work than during college. Volunteering for an organisation or non-profit that needs some organisational planning help is a great way to get experience in the field of event planning. Not only will your experience give you lots to talk about in an interview, but employers love seeing volunteer work on a resume.

 Become an Intern

One of the best ways to get experience and a resume boost is to take on an internship. Whether it is business related, secretarial, involves social media, or is even an event planning internship. The skills and experience you will gain will help get your foot in the event planning door. Also, internships can help you make contacts in the field and often can lead to a post-college career.

Study Communications or maybe Media

If your university doesn’t have an event planning degree or you’re not completely sure that you want to make a career out of event planning, getting a degree in communications is a great alternative. This degree will teach you valuable skills you will need when coordinating, organising and dealing with other people and is also highly marketable.

Get a Degree in Hospitality Management

Event planning and hospitality management go hand-in-hand, making this a great choice of degree for anyone looking to break into the event planning field. This degree and all of the courses and internships you have to go through as a student will give you experience coordinating activities, providing customer service and managing several tasks at once, all necessary skills for event planning. Also, having a degree

in hospitality management will diversify your resume making you a more qualified candidate.

Landing your first post-university job and breaking into the field of event planning may seem like it will take years to achieve. Luckily, building your event planning career can begin before you’ve even received your diploma. Choosing to participate in extracurriculars and internships that will give you skills and experience and choosing an appropriate major will go far to help you reach your goals.

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