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Happy National Prosecco Day from Cavendish Venues!

August 13, 2020

On August 13th we celebrate a #NationalProseccoDay and as we’re enjoying the warm days of August, today is the perfect day to toast to the remaining days of summer with flutes of Prosecco! The best way to observe this jolly national day is with friends over some summery seafood dishes or prosciutto and cheese with cherry tomatoes!

A few fun facts about prosecco:

  • 36% of the world’s Prosecco is consumed in UK! That’s approx. 131 million bottles per year.
  • Prosecco became so popular that in 2016 suppliers were struggling to meet the demand, this is now known as ‘Great Prosecco Shortage of 2016’
  • The Bellini cocktail was born in 1948 and it was Prosecco that was used in the original cocktail and not the Champagne as it’s done today.
  • If you are not a great wine pairing expert, then Prosecco is your friend, it’s the most versatile wine with food. Not only it pairs well with a wide variety of dinner and lunch choices, it’s also ideal for breakfast or brunch especially in the form of Mimosas
  • For those watching their calorie intake, Prosecco has fewer of them than most of still wines do. There are approx. 125 calories in a glass of red wine, but only around 90 in Prosecco. Happy dieting!
  • The absolute best Prosecco is made in Italy near the Alps between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene and the bottles are labelled with letters DOCG

Prosecco is not only a versatile drink to share with friends socially, but it’s also an excellent celebratory drink at corporate events, whether it’s served as aperitif at the start of awards ceremony or a finishing touch after a successful conference. More and more event organisers and conference managers choose Prosecco over Champagne and the reasons are very clear – not only it’s more cost efficient, but it also offers a lighter taste and lower alcohol content, just about the perfect drink to suit most taste buds when hosting a corporate event or drinks reception.

Every year we host hundreds of drinks receptions at our London conference venues and Prosecco is one of the most popular drinks to serve. A delicate and refreshing VEGAN Zarlino Prosecco DOCG is our favourite, it’s very high quality and comes from the Italian region near Alps.

Cavendish Venues have reception venues available throughout the week, including evenings and weekends and in many cases we can offer exclusive access giving you sole use of the venue for your event. Whether you prefer a wood panelled hall or a contemporary gallery space, our venues have a room to suit your corporate drinks reception or private party.  All our event venues offer convenient transport links with London Underground and mainline railway stations just a short walk away. Our friendly waiting staff will greet your guests with a wide range of beverages including Prosecco from a fully stocked bar.

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