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Top Food Trends for 2022!

January 28, 2022

Food Trends with Cavendish Venues

Cavendish Venues has very exciting news about food trends, you all must be excited to hear about what food trends will be coming in 2022 and we have all the latest about that. We would like to start first about 2021 food trends before we start on 2022 for people to know what the most top food trends was in 2021.

Since there were many viral food trends in 2021 coming out on social media platforms that you would never think to put together, shockingly most were deliciously good such as carrot bacon, baked feta pasta and corn ribs. This is all according to Swadlajawab.


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2022 Dietarian food trends

The year 2021 is over, let us welcome 2022 in with new and upcoming food trends. There will be more of an increase in reducetarianism if you do not know what it means, in short it is people who are reducing their meat, dairy and eggs for environmental reasons.

Another huge food trend that will be appearing again is immunity boosting foods where you should see more foods that improves your gut, immune system and stress which we all need, so we cannot wait to hear what products will be containing these stress induced herbs. There will be more food that will contain

vitamins C&D, zinc, herbs and other plant-based products that supposed to help the body to adapt to stress. You will find more information on 10 food trends of 2022 to look out for on Asiaone blog.


Cavendish Venues update on plant-based milk

Cavendish Venues has a update on plant-based milk, one of the other consumers popular product that we will see more people drinking is plant-based milk, which is no surprise there since there has been loads more plant-based milk than diary milk on the long-life milk shelves. The main ones you should keep an eye on is oat milk who had a moment to shine last year and is set to remain a food trend for 2022. I have heard this news by reading Maya Feller website.

The fact that drinking more plant-based milk is becoming more in demand that they will now be more options to choose from such as potato milk, such a unique combination. It would not surprise us that it would be another good food trend that will probably be going viral with people adding it to food that you would never think would work together. We guess that is how food trends become a success with organizations, supermarkets and manufactures.


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What does Cavendish Venues do to keep up with food trends?

As a sustainable organization our catering team keep up with food trends by making sure our menus meet our client needs by ensuring that their dietarian needs are met and taken care of. They manage for huge number of special requests, as we have a catering team who cooks all the food onsite in our Cavendish venues and conferences. You can see a sample of our menus and information about our catering team on this link

If you also want to look at our venues and see the features and facilities, they have click on Cavendish Venues conference  page and enjoy our content. In addition, you want to make an enquiry, rest assured you are in good hands.

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