October 8, 2010

How big is the sense of humour of the English? As an outsider, I perceived in these months that English humour is quite brilliant. Understated, dry and subtle, but ever present for those who look out for it. Working in conferences, it is an important factor that makes our work so much nicer every day. We make phone calls to our clients, we talk to numerous delegates, and many of them put a smile on our face. When things unexpectedly go wrong (not that they ever do!!) that same sense of humour is just as important – even when the pressure is on, most of the time it is taken in good moods and all works out fine.

I started thinking of this subject because we are looking for new little treats to surprise our clients with. It is always wonderful to get a little thank you present, and so we have for many years now tried to please our clients with goodies, from wine to personalized pencil holders. Sometimes it is difficult to stay innovative, so we are always on the lookout for interesting new gifts.

This time, we found a delicious organic bar of chocolate, which is not the most original thing on earth, except that this one made us laugh, a lot: it is wrapped in shocking pink paper, with a drawing of a big pig snout, and the name of the chocolate is… FAT PIG! It has some instructions on how to eat it as well (“fast, before another fat pig grabs it off you!”) and we overall found it very funny. Looks like the perfect new little treat, just to put a smile on people’s faces.

But it is tricky: those who happen to be in a bad mood, might get highly insulted and never want to come back to that Fat Pig Conference Company. But for humour’s sake, I think it is worth the risk!

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