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As well as being in the heart of the West End, our postcode is West One. At the Cavendish Conference Centre we’re here for you from seven am to eleven pm, seven days a week. How very convenient!

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With the imminent opening for Cavendish Conference Venue’s of their new Centre in the City of London, America Square is offering some very special rates and remember this is a New Venue so availability will be far easier to get than at established venues!…

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Pictures from the Summer Holidays 2008 We like to think that at the Cavendish we do things differently but always with style, humour and with a professional standard unknown to other venues which is why the others’ are always chumping at our bit to…

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Green is the colour and green is the way forward in this day of environmental awareness and our Cavendish Conference Venue’s are very very green! In fact we are so green that we are the only venue in the whole of the UK with…

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Summer time and the living is easy!!!! That is how the story goes but in reality is that the case???? London is a busy vibrant place and with the Cavendish Conference Venue group London is the place to be seen doing events and conferences!…

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If like us you are a bit puzzled by the following words, millibars, high-pressure, low pressure, areas of depression, isobars and weather fronts. You find yourself getting a bit dizzy by all these hand signals or are a little confused of whether you are…

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