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In the current climate doesn’t it reall miff you off when the likes of the press, the media, the politicians and all those crazy publicity seaking dunder heads go on and on and on and on and ….. yes ON about the fact we…

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Cavendish Conference Venues would like to congratulate Allan Simmons who is Britain’s new National Scrabble Champion. This is following his win yesterday at the event held by Mattel at the Cavendish Conference Centre and is the first time that Allan has won the title.

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You’ve experienced it before, probably on more occasions than you care to remember. The lips are moving but there’s little audible sound because the sound system is akin to something made from double sided sticky tape and squeezy bottles. Yes I know I’m showing…

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Well, it would have had to have been a gigantic stork to deliver our newest venue. We are delighted to present America Square, which opens its doors today. America Square comes from excellent stock with an exemplary pedigree and all of the traits that…

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Saffron, lime, peppercorn, cinnamon and melon, the list is endless. You would think that we are talking of the ingredients for our fayre at America Square our new conference venue, which opens on Monday the 29th September. We’re not! Why they name fabric after…

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They say with age, you need more careful lighting to appear at your very best. If you are part of the original London Wall, you need serious help! America Square Conference Centre is built around this historic feature and if you are using the…

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