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With more and more people tightening their belts and watching their money you would think that companies would be falling over themselves to follow up on sales enquiries. Not strictly the case we’ve been chasing up two potential suppliers for weeks now for them…

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You’ll be pleased to know that at Cavendish Conference Venues if you ask for Kosher Chicken, we know what you mean. We’re no apprentices in this business we’re professionals, the real deal.

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Taking the 94 bus home the other evening from the Cavendish Conference Centre I remembered why I hate when London heats up. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for sunshine and blue skies what I’m against is having no real choice. Yes, you can…

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You’d think that when looking for sales by presenting to a conference agent that if you put four different companies in the one room it would be a bun fight, cloak and dagger or murder in the presentation room with a promotional branded umbrella….

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Company Re-launch update Guess what??? We have agreed, finally, on a name and yes it has been a quantum leap for our Conference Centre’s and yes we will be calling ourselves : Cavendish Conference Venues Based on the strength of our marquee, Cavendish, this…

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Easter 2008 What a strange Easter this has been in 2008!! With schools closing down for the Easter week end and then opening and then closing two weeks later and some schools doing the traditional, taking holidays over the Easter period, others two weeks…

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