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We are a canny old hand dealing with Public Protests these days! Indeed over the years we have had a our fair share of Conferences with ‘Controversial’ topics from BAE systems to Cross Border to Forced Adoption so we have to be prepared for…

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We must be GOOD at Cavendish Conference Venues, in fact we must be very, very, very, very GOOD….I say! Why you ask, well read on? We talk to lots of companies and lots of companies hold their AGM’s with us but very few companies…

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It beggars belief that in this day and age of democracy where everybody has a right, but maybe not a will, to say what they like about whatever they like, that our police force has to put so many of their resources into useless…

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Well, well, well what brain power have we here! I apologise Blueberry Smoothies – the greatest Brain Power Driver of all –  is also on Offer at Cavendish Conference Venues this Winter- Sorry Bobby! Good luck!

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Porridge is the Brain power we all need at this time of the year and Yes, you guessed correctly, we at Cavendish Venues are giving you Brain Power at all major conferences this Winter! Whether it works or not is another thing! Good luck!

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When clients want, clients get, possibly at a cost and possibly not, depending on what they want! Get it??? We give our clients  what our clients want, not like our competitors where you struggle to get what you want!! Now do you get it?? Good luck!

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